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Email 21. Oct, 2022

Jennifer Kelly

My gorgeous Buddy is one year old yesterday. We're so lucky to have such affectionate, good natured, happy and smart dog. He's a bundle of joy to our family and we loved him very much. Thank You Mia.

Email 16. Oct, 2021

Shannon Barnes

Our beautiful Misty turns 1 in a few days. She is the greatest gift we have ever been blessed with. She is a very smart girl and steels everyone’s heart she meets. Thank you Mia.

Email 10. Sep, 2021

Gail Bayliss

My beautiful Mia she has the best personality, very intelligent and listens and learns easily. Mia love snuggles and has so much love to give.

Email 5. May, 2021


We are so grateful for our beautiful Bessie. We can’t believe how lucky we are to have her. She is the most beautifully natured girl and terribly clever. She is the best antidote to our crazy Dusty who surely suffers from ADHD. Bessie has brought out the
maternal instincts in Dusty. They became firm friends immediately

Email 30. Apr, 2021



I picked up my little pup just yesterday and he has already shown to be such a good boy! Not only is he beautiful but incredibly intelligent, patient and affectionate!

Mia’s Borders are the most amazing little pups!

Email 24. Apr, 2021


Today marks one year since I picked up my soul pup Sadie. This last year she has brought me so much joy. She is the sweetest little pup I have ever known, such a cheeky loving personality and so so gorgeous.

Still can’t thank you enough for this Mia.

Email 26. Mar, 2021

Bernadine Stoopman

Hi Mia,

My gorgeous boy Merlin is getting close to six months of age.

He loves cuddles, walks on the beach, his toys, getting his coat brushed. I call out “brushy brushy” and he comes running and sits on the mat in the laundry whilst I brush him. Gives me his paw and does alternate paws when I tell him “other one” He’s a very
clever and loving little guy. Love him so much.

Email 14. Feb, 2021

Neri, Paul, Phoebe, Mila and Ava

Hi Mia, our Buddy boy is almost 1 years old and he is a chilled out guy. He loves his 2 x walks a day Where he gets to play with other dogs and loves his pats from every human among the way. He is obsessed with water and loves the beach. If he is off leash
and walking ahead, he always looks behind to make sure we are not far behind. He loves his 3 x human sisters and can’t wait for them to get home from school and waits patiently for his dad to get home for work. He is a very loyal boy and he is just a really
great all round dog.

Email Website 2. Jan, 2021

Jasmine Lee

Thanks so much Mia, for my beautiful little girl Wynter. She has only been here for 2 weeks but it feels like she's always been here. Such a confident puppy, she loves swimming in her pool and spending time outdoors, playing and sleeping. I'm sure we will
be getting her a little brother in the near future.

Email 23. Dec, 2020

Shannon Barnes

Here is out gorgeous girl Misty. She stole our hearts straight away. She is such a beautiful girl, loving personality and very cheeky. She is learning very quickly and settled in with us almost instantly.

Mia has done such an amazing job in the first 8 weeks, when we got her she was already toilet trained and knew to be outside instead of running a muck inside.

We can't wait to get a little sister or brother for Misty in the future from Mia.

Email 20. Dec, 2020

Bernadine and Michael Stoopman

Can’t thank Mia enough for our gorgeous little boy Merlin, he is such a sweet, friendly and smart young fella. All our friends and family have fallen in love with him too.

Email 8. Nov, 2020


My not so little goofball Atlas is now 6ish months old and an absolute gorgeous boy. Sleeps in with me every day and demands morning cuddles as soon as he wakes up, he’s just an all round good boy. Such a social pup and is a definite crowd pleaser wherever
he goes

Email 23. Oct, 2020


This is Denzel. A funny, happy, friendly and laid-back boy.

Email 12. Oct, 2020

Laiken and Jay

This is Mocha. He just turned 5 months old just the other day.

We got him through Mia during COVID-19 and we cannot appreciate enough how helpful and supportive Mia was for the entire process.

Mocha surprises us everyday how well natured dog he is! He was also the star of his puppy pre-school class because of his great nature!

Thank you Mia for such a wonderful gift

Email 26. Aug, 2020


My beautiful little girl Stella,

She is the most happy and playful dog. She has brought so much joy Into my family’s home, She settled in really well and didn’t have a problem with her ❤️.

Thank you so much for this little fluff ball.