Beautiful litter of coloured long coat border collie puppies.

Past puppies all colours. DNA clear

Welcome  to SHAMEFULCHOC  Border Collies  .

We are near Warwick QLD.....

Which is around  2 1/2 hours from Brisbane. I am a  registered breeder  ...with MDBA 13201  and been breeding pedigree registered long coat   borders collies over 20 years now .

Supplier Number 0002396045618

Here at Shamefulchoc Border Collies  all my border collies are DNA tested for Hereditary diseases or clear by parentage which means all puppies will be  not affected.

I pride myself  on producing quality puppies from Champion Show , Obedience and agility lines.

Now producing Australian  champions here at Shamefulchoc  in Obedience  and Agility .

Our puppies have great natures , smart,  good conformation with good colour and coats , heads puppies  love water any bowl does well.

Puppies have a large yard and there heated room when needed .. I take pride in my  breeding over the years , My program  that works . We are on rural property  where our dogs and puppies  have room to move. 

Borders have  a keen mind to please , loyal and so friendly.

I have been around border collies all my life  growing up on a cattle property near Casino N.S.Wales. Once you have a smart mate in a border collie you are hooked for life....your next best mate.


At Shamefulchoc border collies our policy is for any reason a puppy is returned to us because owner doesn't want  puppy any more or changed there mines for any reason there is no refund puppy will stay here I  never had a pup returned

Once a puppy leaves our care it is the owner that  is responsible for there puppy , and to care for him/her  and puppies  needs  e.g. ,Good food, vet attention if need , exercise, time for a walk.a cuddle.puppy training .a good yard,,

In case of death or illness the owner of puppy is responsible for the puppy and any  cost..

When puppy  is  in his new home puppy must be cared for, vaccinations and pups needs Tick /Flea treatment ,worming, not to much exercise and good food please.

DO Not over feed a young pup as it will be felt in his or her older years ..That makes a big difference a good loving and caring environment , Supervise around small children both are learning and you are the leader. ..These are my terms and condition of sale... .. 


Bush walking in pine forest.

We here at Shamefulchoc border collies are proud breeders of Australian Champions and congratulation to all proud owners .

Abig congratulation  to Katrina and Jasper winning team. Hard work  paid off..

Abig congratulation to Katrina and Jasper winning team. Hard work paid off..