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Welcome Friends and family , please sign my guest book and a picture of your dog or puppy from Shamefulchoc and adventures.

Email 2. Sep, 2022


Hi Mia!

I thought you’d appreciate an update on Lucy. She’s almost 1 year old now and such a stunning girl. She’s very smart, energetic and playful. Loves to play fetch on build her confidence with park play. Thank you so much for my gorgeous girl. I can’t imagine
my life without her.

Email 25. Feb, 2022

Darryl & Family

Wow! What a gorgeous girl. Little PIPPA is playful, obedient, loves water and all round delight!! So happy to have her as part of our family xo thank you

Email 9. Feb, 2022


I have had the handsome Arlo since just before Christmas and I can honestly say he has been the best pup I have ever had. (He is my 3rd border collie throughout my life) He is so well behaved, eager to learn and is loved by everyone who sees him.

Arlo's day job is receiving cuddles and pats from clients in a hair salon, he is just so chill while he is in the salon.

I would definitely recommend Mia and one of her pups to anyone!

Email 19. Jan, 2022

Jennifer Kelly

I got Buddy for Christmas last year "the best Christmas present ever" and he's so adorable, loved playing his toys. Thank You so much Mia💖

Email 10. Jan, 2022


I’ve had my little Lucy girl for almost 4 weeks now. She’s the most perfect example of a Sable Bordercollie I think I’ve ever seen. I’m a few short weeks she’s learnt to sit, wait, lay down, spin and use the doggy door which came hand in hand with her
toilet training.

She’s such a gorgeous girl and she’s fit into my little animal tribe so seamlessly.

A huge thank you to Mia for meeting me at the border after a long drive up from Melbourne. Your pups are pure gold and she was well worth the long haul.

Email 4. Nov, 2021


Our new addition to the family. I don't think I need to say anymore, the image speaks for itself. Many thanks Mia.

Email 19. Aug, 2021


Our very confident and inquisitive girl Paige - 7 months old! She has brought us and her big brother Toby so much joy. We will be forever grateful that we came across Mia and her borders. They are all so beautiful!

Email 18. Aug, 2021


This is our beautiful Marley at 6 months. We love him dearly! We do think that he thinks he is one of the kids and will spend endless hours playing with them in the back yard.

Email 9. May, 2021


Bailey Is Coming Near Her 2ND Birthday and-has turned into a beautiful calm and obedient dog , He is now active with sheep which he is a natural and is enjoying his time with them ,

Email 12. Oct, 2020


Mocha is 5 months old.

We got him through Mia during COVID-19 and we cannot appreciate enough how helpful and supportive Mia was for the entire process.

Mocha surprises us everyday how well natured dog he is! He was also the star of his puppy pre-school class because of his great nature!

Thank you Mia for such a wonderful gift.

Email Website 17. Jul, 2020

Rhonda Pettyfor

Murphy is 1 year old next month. She is a joy very smart.

Thank you Mia we are so happy with her. She has 2 Golden Retrievers in her family and 4 cats.

Email 18. Jun, 2020


Our beautiful new baby Jojo has just graduated from pre school puppy class...we are so proud of him....he melts our hearts....even though he can be naughty.....thank you Mia for our beautiful boy

Email 10. Jun, 2020


Thank you, Mia, for our beautiful little Nala. She's happy, confident, and a wee bit sassy. And, oh my, is she a stunner. Everything we could have asked for in a puppy.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we weren't able to visit Nala or pick her up. She arrived by a dog movers delivery this time last week. Mia was wonderful in answering my many questions and helping make decisions from afar. Our weekly photo updates were very much

Thank you for our wonderful Nala, Mia. We love her to bits.

Email 6. Jun, 2020

Adam & Katie

Little Miss Dixie is settling in well, we love her! She is a character, very sweet and slightly mischievous... in a good way. Her big brother Byron is already looking out for her and helping us to train her. Thank you Mia for making all of this very seamless
and friendly and we're so happy that we have our Dixie girl.

Email 2. May, 2020


Our wonderful Keeva turned 1 today. She is the most beautiful dog who completes our family. She is great with the boys and loves doing anything we are doing.