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Email 26. Oct, 2017


Hi Mia

We thought we would share a photo of Xander as today is his first birthday. He has grown into a beautiful, friendly (sometimes cheeky) and very intelligent boy. He brings a smile to our faces everyday. Thanks Mia! From the Roebucks

Email 5. Sep, 2017

Hifumi Shibata

Hi Mia

It has been an amazing life experience having such a wonderful puppy since we picked him up on 30/07/17. Max has settled into our family and living environment without any trouble. Every stranger can't help to not to pat him. He is the smartest puppy at the
puppy school. Max gets on well with all puppies that he meets. We are still over the mooon !!! Thank you.

Email 4. Sep, 2017


This is Archer. Picked up last November. He's without question the perfect dog for us! He settled in right away, and arrived toilet trained (bonus!) He's all mischief, energy, and he's smart (occasionally out smarting his humans). He's also loving, full
of licks, and good at cuddles. People stop us to tell us how beautiful he is all the time. We're so happy with him! Thank you!!!

Email 28. Aug, 2017


We picked up Misha on aug 12 2017. She is super cute, settled well and is great friends with my 2 yrs old grandson

Email 27. Aug, 2017

Charlie & Gisela Camenzuli

Got our gorgeous boy Sam in May and he is now nearly 6 months old. Very smart, very mischievous and we love him to bits.

Email 19. May, 2017

Michelle & Konrad

Torah's picture (It didn't attach previously, sorry)

Email 19. May, 2017

Michelle & Konrad

We picked up our lilac border collie girl, Torah one month ago and I think she might just be the worlds happiest (and most beautiful) dog. She is so intelligent and loads of fun.

We want to thank you for toilet training her - it has made things much easier at home She is only 12 weeks old and already sits, drops and stays. Fast learner.

Torah is the best natured puppy. We absolutely love her to bits. Thank-you for bringing her into our home and hearts!

Email Website 21. Mar, 2017


A Big thanks to Shamefulchoc puppy owners . Its is so nice on a rainy day here to read through my Guest Book page . Great stories guy's thank you . Life wouldn't be the same with out our dog's Borders that is.

Email 18. Mar, 2017


Jax officially the dog with the longest tongue in the world wanted to pop in and let you know he is doing great. 10 months old now. Loves : Tennis ball, giggle ball, football, soccer ball basically anything that is round and rolls. Best personality.. couldn't
be happier with him.

Email 6. Mar, 2017


Hi Mia,

Oscar is an amazing little dog, and we are so happy to have him. He loves to cuddle just as you said he would. Thank you so much!

Email Website 15. Feb, 2017


Hi mia!

A year since we have had sonny now! He has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. He is such a happy special boy! Puts a smile on anyone's face.

Email 11. Jan, 2017


Hi Mia,

We are just soo thrilled to have our gorgeous Shelby, shes just the most wonderful natured puppy and I cant believe how fast she took to settle in with us, even after her flight to Melbourne. Shelby loves to chase balls, play games and follow me everywhere
haha. I would highly recommend Shamefulchoc Border Collies as a breeder to anyone wanting a spectacular puppy. Shelby slept through the night very well so fast and has learned to sit and stay and come when he name is called, 'some of the time' what a clever
girl. What more can I say but Shelby has filled that empty space in my heart.

Email 2. Jan, 2017


We got Archie 3 1/2 months ago and he is growing at a rapid rate. He has done puppy school and we are hoping to more advanced training as he is super intelligent. He loves the beach and loves people. He is such a character and is super cheeky but so loyal
to my husband and I, we absolutely love him.

Email 12. Dec, 2016


Cortez down in western Victoria. He's so placid .

Email 10. Dec, 2016


This is Jack. Jack is the loveliest little thing; a regular pocket rocket. He's funny and smart. My favourite thing is him inhaling my face. He literally breathes it in. He's already been obedience approved for council (not bad as he's 10 months old) so
we are taking him through some more formal stuff now. He has a pack of BCs he walks with regularly. We bought him to help our older blind BC. And help he has. Toby is more happy now than he was before largely due to Jack. He's also a smoocher. Thanks Mia.
He's great