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Welcome Friends and family , please sign my guest book and a picture of your dog or puppy from Shamefulchoc and adventures.

Email 22. Nov, 2016

Michelle Gander

Our beautiful pepper at 6 months, hes such a enegetic loving boy! The vets love him and he loves playing with our other pug dog!

Hes a real charmer! Takes us ages to go for walks as we have to keep stoping for pats and be told how beautiful he is!

Email 1. Aug, 2016


Ruby and the cats have welcomed Archie into the house with open arms. He's already a beautiful companion to Ruby, who lost her mate at 16 years last year. He's a clever little cookie and already walking happily on the lead and sitting when asked. The kids
absolutely adore him and I've caught the husband snuggling him on the lounge when he thought no one was looking. Archie has been like a breath of fresh air in the house and we now couldn't imagine life without him. Thankyou Mia for our bundle of fluff with
bright blue eyes.

Email 27. Jun, 2016


Our beautiful boy Blaze. Full of affectionate, smiles and a tongue way to big for his mouth. He brought an endless amount of joy into our lives. So pretty that everyone thought he was a girl ! And just the right amount of cheekiness to keep us on our toes.
You are producing amazing friends Mia, keep doing what you are doing ! Thank you for giving us Blaze.

Email 18. Apr, 2016


Hi Mia,

Hud has settled into the family well and is already chasing tennis balls and returning them. If only we could get him to do the same with Aaron's work boots!

Email 15. Mar, 2016


Didnt post a very good pic of Arya before.

Shes just adorable and is practising really hard at her agility class.

Email 22. Jan, 2016


Hi Mia,

Here is Aryas sister Charli, she's a beautiful dog with a beautiful nature and we love her to bits

Email 19. Dec, 2015


Our beautiful girl Arya turned one on Friday. Shes brought so much joy to our family. Shes the most perfect and beautiful girl here on the Goldie. There isnt a day when we're not stopped by someone to tell us how adorable she is.

Email 18. Oct, 2015

Emma and Andrew

Hi Mia

Billy is now 13 months old and he is such a beautiful boy, who loves to play, he is very much a part of our family.

Email 28. Sep, 2015

Robert Butler

Hi Mia

After searching around I came across Shamefulchoc Border Collies. I have always wanted a chocolate boy, so once I found this site and read all of the awesome stories people were telling, I knew this was the place for me (it's even in the name). Picked up Spot
2 days ago now and he has settled in marvellously. He gets along awesomely with our other dogs has a fondness for sleeping on the floor instead of his bed, but each to their own haha. We are absolutely in love with him and couldn't be happier with our Spot.
Thank you again for everything and all the work that you guys do:)

Email 9. Jun, 2015


Hi Mia,

Sally and Pearl have settled in very well and received top honours in puppy school.

As you can see they are both still very close.....

Thanks for the lovely puppies.

Email 25. Jan, 2015

Emma & Andrew

Hi Mia

Billy took no time at all to settle in and it feels like he's been with us forever. He is such a cheeky boy and loves playing cricket with our boys

Email 14. Jan, 2015

Leonie & Bill Caton

Hi Mia, thought you might like the latest photo of Nellie and Banjo. They are so great together and get up to a lot of mischief still, but that will change as they grow. Nellie is now 9.4kg and loves her food. She is 16 weeks old now.

Email 5. Jan, 2015


Happy New Year Mia!

Gemma is just lovely, growing fast, loves walks & cuddles. Baz & Gem get on so well.

Email 22. Nov, 2014

Leonie & Bill Caton

Nellie (Montana's Lass) is fitting in beautifully. Banjo just loves her and they get on so well. They love playing tug-of-war together. Photo of them sharing some yoghurt. Thanks Mia.

Email 9. Sep, 2014


Halo took about 5 minutes to settle in when we got her home on Saturday and then about another 5 to take over the house. She has been 'rounding up' our Cavoodle and they are inseparable - & she already has the upper hand (the poor simple boy). We are all
absolutely in love with her.

Despite her luxurious bed she prefers to sleep on my pillow :)