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Email 3. Aug, 2020

Hannah Pocock

Kahlua, the most intelligent, cheeky, playful puppy I have ever met, and she just so happens to be mine.

From being toilet trained as early as 8 weeks old to knowing a routine of “sit, lay, rollover, come spin” at 10 weeks was unbelievable. The pups truely come from a good place where they leave ready to tackle the next big adventure. Kahlua spends her weekends
running on property with some of our collie friends playing fetch and some wrestling with the big dogs. Also getting loads of treats... Soon to be a beach puppy after her last round of needles! We can’t wait!

We are so inlove with our girl!

I couldn’t be happier with our decision and well done to Mia for the first 8 weeks of hard work and Mumma Pia for birthing the most gorgeous pups!

Will post more photos soon!

Email 16. Jul, 2020

Shelley Turner

Our gorgeous Marley is 10 weeks tomorrow and has settled into our family so well. She loves to have hugs and kisses and tummy tickles. She Is very clever and has already learned to sit, fetch and return. She has such and cheeky yet chilled personality.
We are so grateful to have her in our family.

Email 11. Jul, 2020


Luca is really settling in well at home. He is a very smart puppy and has already toilet trained himself and sleeps through the night. Can sit, come to his name and listen to most commands. Only 9 weeks old!

Email 8. Jul, 2020


Moose is doing so well, such a well behaved little ( getting bigger every day) puppy.

We all love him so much. Thanks Mia.

Email 8. Jul, 2020


Atlas is settling in great! Everyone adores him and all our neighbours love him already. He’s very well tempered and full of energy.

Thankyou so much for getting him to me

Email 28. Jun, 2020


Hi Mia,

After two months of being in my life I couldn’t imagine not having my little Sadie! She is the most beautiful, sweet and calm pup I’ve ever met. She is enjoying her beach walks and swims and we get stopped daily by people wanting to meet her. Thank you for
helping complete my little family!

Email 23. Jun, 2020

Michelle and Ben

Hi Mia,

Thank you for our beautiful boy Jamieson. He is cuddly, sweet and gentle. He is settling in so well at home and we couldn't be happier with our new fur baby. Thank you!!

Email 17. May, 2020

Sarah and Ryan

Hi Mia,

Thank you so much for Rio - we absolutely love her! She's so, so sweet and she's settling in so well. Thank you for all of your support in bringing her home. We can't wait to watch her grow!

Email 5. Apr, 2020

Karen and Steve

Hi Mia,

Harley on her first birthday celebrated with play and beach walks. She’s such a loving girl, crazy about the hose, loves to run, being in my car, so beautiful and very vocal almost trying to speak to us. Her latest thing is finding creative places to hide her
bones. We’d like to thank you for breeding such an amazing pup as we enjoy her more every day.

Email 21. Jan, 2020

Emily and Dean

Thank you so much for our little man Sidka!

He has the cheekiest most fun loving personality and everyone is so in love with him.

He has settled in so well and loves exploring the backyard and playing with his toys. We can’t wait to bring him on all our adventures when he’s older.

Thank you Mia for making the whole process so exciting and enjoyable. You have raised the most awesome little pup.

Email 16. Jan, 2020

Abbey and Jake

Thank you so much for our beautiful little fluff ball.

Oska is just perfect and we love him so much already!

His first night last night in his new home went well and he slept most of the night.

We can't wait to take him for walks and swims at the beach.

He is so calm and cuddly and loves to follow us everywhere around the house and yard, he's definitely going to be our best friend for life.

Thanks again, Abbey and Jake.

Email 1. Nov, 2019

Mark & Jenny

Bailey now 1, such a beautiful boy

Email 25. Jul, 2019

Petr & Alannah

Hi Mia,

thank you again for Milo, the little puppy we brought home just over a year ago is now 15 months old. Nice to see his sister further below (Jessie), they really look like twins!

In the photo Milo is 11 months old. He has a lovely nature (as expected) and can be hyperactive (exceeds expectations sometimes).

Special talents: inventing a game all on his own - playing indoor soccer with a small ball, while holding another toy in his mouth. Also self-taught - jumping like a goat into the air with all legs off the ground, but backwards, and without hitting furniture
or walls behind him. And in general, being a clown.

Email 7. Jul, 2019

Simon Koch

Our Beautiful Ella playing in the backyard with our Daughter, such a beautiful nature and is loving the company of our other Border Collie

Email 15. Jun, 2019

Alex and Tim

This is our little Arlo, who came home with us five weeks ago. He is the absolute love of our lives, he has such a gentle, affectionate nature which everyone picks up on.

His spotty colouring on his back is continuing to become more defined and a few more little spots have popped up which are adorable. He is a very smart boy, and is learning new tricks and rules really quickly.

Thank you for our little furry baby, we love him