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Email 12. Sep, 2013

Natalie, Lauren, Wayne and Sharon

Hi Mia,
We picked up our gorgeous (we're slightly biased) Tango almost 1 year ago. It's hard to believe she is already one year old. Tango is cheeky, fun, affectionate and will do absolutely ANYTHING to go to the park and play ball or at home with
her beloved frisbee. Our beautiful girl is a real attention seeker and will take pats from anyone. Thank you, we love her to bits!!

Email 11. Sep, 2013

Deborah Gee

Dear Mia, Maggie is everything and more that I could have hoped for. She's beautiful, genuine, happy and such a clown. She's so smart and knows exactly how to make us laugh. She's become such a big part of our family in such a short space of time. I'm
looking forward to some obedience and agility with her. Everyday is a joy with Mags.

Email 11. Aug, 2013

Tracey Oxlade

Thank you Mia for our gorgeous little boy, Rocco. He fits in so well with our family. Misty and he were friends instantly. He has a beautiful nature and is very smart. He has just had his first outing to the beach. Very exciting! We are looking very forward
to many happy years together.

Email Website 25. Apr, 2013

Simon and Simone

OMG... we have had Gypsy now for about 8 weeks and she is amazing. Her nature is adorable and she is so playful. She told us she was an outdoor dog, and so happy living outside, but enjoys a cuddle and pat on the couch when she's ready.
She loves
catching up with Smokey her brother who lives close by in Perth, and has has become a shadow when working in the garden.
A wonderful pet from a highly recommended breeder.

Email 18. Apr, 2013


Well, my beautiful girl Myrtle has been with us for 7 weeks and it feels like we have had her for ever. She has such personality and has fitted in to our family so well. She has particularly bonded with our 13 year old border collie Rodney who
tolerates her with good grace! Also gets along well with our other dogs, 15 year old kelpie and 10 year old Missy. Now completely crate trained, only the odd mishap in the house if I am not listening to her.
Has started herding the geese (when she can
get to them) and would spend all day collecting balls if you threw them, and gets the "zoomies" each evening when we all stand aside!
Thank you Mia for my lovely girl! Attached pic is her helping on the farm.

Email 14. Mar, 2013

Stacy Jobson

Our beautiful merle boy Smokey arrived 5 days ago, and we love him to bits! He is very calm, has already learnt to sit, only took 2 days of my 18mth old daughter running around him for him to lose interest... Just the best dog we could have hoped for.
I met the lovely family that took his sister Gypsy and they have already had a play date - see pic.
We were concerned that it was a big trip for him, but he seemed absolutely fine and settled into our family really quickly. Thank you for our lovely boy
Mia :)

Email Website 8. Dec, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Forgot to put our photo!

Email Website 8. Dec, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Sirius arrived a few days ago and he is such a beautiful, calm boy! He and our other Shamefulchoc baby, Adhara (10 months), are already great friends! Thanks Mia, your dogs are the best! X

Email 4. Dec, 2012


Meet our gorgeous girl, Georgie!! We picked her up last night and we fell in love with her the second we saw her.

She has been spoilt with kisses and cuddles from our three boys (and maybe quite a few from me!). She has only gone to the toilet
on the grass and made no mess through the night!

We didn't hear a peep from her all night and she slept soundly in her kennel with a few stuffed animals to keep her company.

Will update regularly but for now we wish to thank you Mia so so
much for the gorgeous new addition to our family xxxx

Email 8. Oct, 2012


Hi Mia,
Gypsy has settled in well with her new Family. We bonded instantly with a temperment that every one has fallen in love with. She is quite the explorer loves the garden and fresh air. She is intelligent beyond what I could have imagined at such
a young age. Everywhere we go she's the centre of attention..and she loves it :)
She has not barked once since I've had her.
Training her has been great because of how much she loves her food.
Thank you so much for all the photo's and updates on
Gypsy. She is a very happy little girl & we love her to bits.

Email 18. Sep, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Adhara is 7 and a half months old now. Last weekend we went out bush with her to a lovely rock and camping ground about an hour out of town. She had a wonderful time! Never wandered or ran away and kept an eye on us all.

Email 27. May, 2012

lynda challands

The beauitful zac at 4months in his harness in the car heading off to obedience training. What an absolute joy this boy is. beautiful temperament and as smart as a whip. He loves obedience and all the other pups. Have also taken him to sheep herding class for city slickers.. He is a bit of a natural.

Email 6. May, 2012

Kim Clark

Hi Mia,

I would like to thank you so much to our new addition to our family. I was very nervous about purchasing a pup that i couldnt meet, cuddle or to check out his personality. He is an absolute jem he sits, drops, stays, hi 5's amoungst other things never jumps on the kids or anyone else he sits straight at your feet and waits paitently for a pat. He has only barked once since we have had him a very quite and sweet natured little boy.

He likes going to the shack and loves it on the boat he sits up on the seat and looks around at the scenery like a person. When we pull a fish up he sits there and waits patiently and once the lid goes on the fish box he sits on it and guards it till we pull another one in.

He didn't even cry on the first night and has only had a couple of accidents inside.

Everyone loves Ralph and comments on his coloring and how well behaved he is for his age. My partner loves it he thinks Ralf is a chick magnet.

If your looking for a family pet who has an awesome temperament with children and is a very people dog I wouldnt think twice about recommending Mia.

Mias comunication from start to recieving Ralf was second to none

Thanks again Kim

Email Website 22. Apr, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Hi Mia,

Adhara had her 11 week birthday on Friday which means we've had her for just over 3 weeks.

She is proving to be a very clever and sweet little girl. She loves loves pulling on ropes, growling at old gardening gloves, running around crazily, and being softly rubbed on her tummy (among other things). She likes shaking hands with new friends and is great to train.

She cried the first night but has slept through ever since. She prefers to go to the toilet on the back lawn and lets us know when she needs to go. We have had very few accidents. She has never once messed in her crate - always holds on 'til morning.

Everyone loves Adhara and comments on her beautiful coat and eye colour, sweet nature and brightness.

We are totally smitten with her.

Thank you so much!

Email 7. Apr, 2012

Anne Houston

Hi Mia,
Just to let you know that we are all so happy with little Pippa. She is a gorgeous puppy and we couldn't ask for more.

She is keeping us amused with her 'crazy' puppy antics - we just love watching her. She has her basket full of plastic milk containers, pine cones and anything she can chase around; dragging the brush about the back yard is her speciality! She's perfect at nightime and sleeps during the night never giving us any bother at all.

As you know Mia she was a surprise for my son and he's so happy with her. She's a bright little cookie and he looks forward to getting home every day to see her.

Thanks so much! We'd highly recommend your puppies. Here's a couple of photos.