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Email 3. May, 2019

Felicia & Rod

Loui is such a clever little guy! Almost 14 weeks old and he knows so many tricks already. We are just so in love with him. He is everything we always wanted. He loves the beach, roadtrips, sleeping in our bed and endless cuddles!

Daily updates on his instagram


Thank you for our beautiful boy Mia!

Email 2. May, 2019


Hi Mia,

Jessie has just turned a big 1 (23-4-19).

Well there's no words to describe how much love and joy she has bought to our lives.

Thank you again for being such a genuine and caring breeder.

Email 14. Apr, 2019


Milo after a splash in her pool 💜

Email 14. Apr, 2019


Hi Mia

Just a quick message to say thankyou for our cheeky, playful and smart little girl Milo! She has settled in well here in Perth and absolutely loves her tunnel, paddling pool and squeeky toys. She brings lots of laughs and fun to our lives everyday, thankyou!

Email 6. Apr, 2019

Jane & Jason Scott

Thank you so much Mia, Allira is just the sweetest little Border Collie, we just love her so much ♥️

Email 6. Apr, 2019

Jane & Jason Scott

Hi, my name is Allira, Mia sent me on a big plane ride down to my new home in Canberra, I settled in straight away, I’m such a well adjusted little girl & I just love my new big brother Buster & I’m slowly making friends with the cat!! I like crinkly autumn
leaves, balls, frisbees & I LOVE empty pot plant containers & splashing in water puddles! My Mum & Dad think I’m really healthy & they say I’m getting bigger & stronger every day.. I have the prettiest colour splodges all over me & everyone tells me my eyes
are amazing... I think I’m going to be a very spoilt pup & I’m loving every minute of it.. ♥️

Email 3. Apr, 2019

Sharm Schaffler

Hey Mia,

Just a quick show of love as we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for delivering and giving us access to such a little beautiful puppy. The service and level of care has been second to none.

Can't wait to share the journey of his growth.

For anyone looking for a new Border Collie - Please don't look anywhere else then ShameFulchoc Border Collies.

Email 31. Jan, 2019


Chaos is turning 1 tomorrow. We love him so much, he is perfect. Beautiful nature, not at all ocd like some border collies seem to be. Strong herding instincts, but calm, gentle, intelligent, super social and affectionate. He was a fiesty little handful
as a puppy though!

His coat, still growing longer, has so many colours, people are amazed by how beautiful and multicoloured he is, everywhere we go.

Yes, he lost an eye...be wary of cats, especially while pup is tiny. And brown snakes. Be sure to teach "leave it!"

His favourite thing is going to the beach... I can't even spell out the word, he understands! And playing chase, he is super fast!

Thank you Mia, you certainly breed magnificent dogs.

instagram... @chaostheoneeyedsuperdog

Email 27. Jan, 2019

Jen and Brendan

Ruby is a welcome addition to our family here in Brisbane. We picked her up on 18 December 2018 and she is now 14 weeks old.

She is very intelligent and loves riding in the car, annoying her sister Shadow and sleeping in strange places like up against the toilet!

She graduated from Puppy Preschool last week and is nearly ready to go out into the big wide world for big walks and plays at the beach.

She has boundless energy and is a bit silly sometimes - just perfect.

Follow her on Instagram if you like - @ruby_thebc

Email 15. Jan, 2019


Calli is growing up fast and is the most loving, sweet pup. Couldn’t be happier with my little fur baby, here’s a pic of her and her big sister xx

Email 4. Jan, 2019

Hall Family

Pepper is a bundle of energy who loves to run and play. She is inquisitive and has fun squeezing herself into small spaces. She has fit in well with her new family and we all love her very much.

Email 2. Jan, 2019


I waited until after Christmas to write this, to let pup settle in. Mocha has been an awesome addition to the family and just loves his big (little) sister.

Email 31. Dec, 2018

Mark & Jenny

Thanks Mia, Bailey is so lovely and settled in well. He loves getting dirty and playing in the water. He is getting on well with his older new brother Harley and they play well together.

Email 26. Dec, 2018

Eliza McGuire

This is beautiful Darla enjoying her camping Christmas holiday all dressed up for the occasion!!

Email Website 14. Nov, 2018

julia mushet

We got beautiful Harlow from Mia and she was flown down to Sydney as we live in Wollongong. Easy transaction and she has fit in with our other Border Collie Tilly so well, they just love each other as much as we love them!