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Email 6. Apr, 2012

Lynda Challands

Hello Mia

Well day three has arrived. What can i say other than they are absolutely beautiful and so different in their personalities.

They sleep well through the night both of them managed to hold on until i let them out of their crate this morning to go to the toileyt . Which was a great start.

I can tell you this a 52 year old woman cannont compete with two puppies i am exhausted already. We all have a nana nap in the afternoon as the morning from 6.00am is jam packed with adventures.

Expensive toys who needs them we love that coke bottle, pine cones and the sock we stole from your bedroom this morning when you werent looking along with the folded cardboard box great for hiding behind.

Anway ZAC (black and white ) is very playful and relaxed while Merle (who is fast becoming a choc merle)is into absolutley everything which includes Zac and I if we stand still long enough. If started to round up Zac this morning slowly stalking him .

Anway will include some pictures from my phone until i can find where i hid the battery charger to my camera.

Im very happy to have them here wth me and love them to bits. Threy are a credit to you.


Email 31. Mar, 2012


It's been almost 3 weeks since we welcomed Jupiter into our home and she has been a little ball of crazy! We love her to death.
She's already caught on to herding the chickens and she loves it. She is also learning very fast and is just the most kind-hearted little girl, loves her cuddles in the morning. Here she is with her favourite red ball.

Email 26. Mar, 2012

Jodi Wieland

We bought our little "Rogue" from Mia and he has to be the sweetest natured and most child friendly dog I have ever struck. He will happily just cuddle up with my kids (4, 2 and 6 months) and take a nap. If the baby is upset he is the first to be over there making sure he is ok. A good look, a quick sniff and just plops down beside him, they are firm buddies! I have 2 other Border Collies (one the same age as Rogue) and they are/were not anywhere near as quiet and sweet natured as our little man. Definitely bread and nurtured to be a very child friendly dog!

Hes also not aggressive with other dogs in the least. He was the strong but silent type at puppy school. Just sat and watched the others vie for dominance and only felt the need to interact/respond if aggressively challenged. Just another testament to his beautiful temperament. He is a real gentle and affectionate soul.

As an added bonus he is just beautiful. Great coat, beautiful markings and fantastic eyes (even if they are slightly different colours). Even our vet (who has border collies) remarked on his good looks. We have also had no barking, no digging and no whining at all. He is one chilled little dude.

In the 2 weeks since we have had him he is fully house broken, crate trained, goes to the toilet on command, sits on command and will lay on command. Like all puppies he can be distractible but certainly has some smarts. Our little girl (different breeder) who is the same age is much more feisty, resistant and a total firecracker to be honest. She is VERY full on and he copes with her very well. When he has had enough he just sits on her to prove he is dominant. Thats as aggressive as he gets.

I could go on and on about our little guy. We love him to pieces and couldn't be more happy with him. If I had the space (and perhaps not 3 small children, a 8 year old BC and 2 cats - he's friends with all by the way) I would have many many more of Mia's pups. In fact Im banned from looking at her litter pictures because I want them all! In hindsight as much as we love our little girl, had I know what I do now and that Mia had more pups coming, I would have got our second one from her too.... I cannot say enough good things about Mia as a breeder or Rogue as a dog!

If your looking for a family pet, with a great temperament and one who is really people friendly Mia is your breeder. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase a puppy. Especially those who have children.

Email 14. Nov, 2011

Taj Jones

Mia Chesney is a fantastic dog. She is so young & yet she works like a dream already & is going unbelievably well!! Thanks for breeding such good looking, hard working dogs with amazing stamina & personality plus as well!!! Best all round dogs I have ever seen!!!

Email 24. Oct, 2011

Yvonne Young

Hi Mia,
Thank you so much for letting me have your darling chocolate boy, Alfie. He is the most gorgeous little fellow, a border collie in every way with the most endearing temperament. He has a fabulous coat, great bone and most importantly loves everyone and nothing is too difficult for him!! Alfie has so much potential and I am so grateful to have him. He will be a future star.
Thanks again,