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Email 3. Feb, 2016


Hey Mia! Its been an amazing 6 months with my beautiful merle girl Darci. She is absolutely infactuated with my other dog Keita. She is crazy smart and gets compliments left right and centre about her beauty and temperament. Thank you, your dogs are amazing.

Email 13. Dec, 2015


Merry Christmas Mia!

Mya & Gemma

Email 29. Nov, 2015


Hey Mia!

just a drop in to say hi, and a update, can't believe Koda is nearly 1!! He's a pleasure to be around and he loves he's walks, he now has a younger borther to keep him company who he adores! He's such a ditsy boy but we love him :)

Email 15. Nov, 2015


Junior (Mr Cool) joined our family Feb-15, he is a beautiful dog and has bought us so much joy to our household. His favourite morning exercise is when we bike with him to the park. He runs next to the bike easily & most of the time sets the pace! Loves
chasing the ball @ the park too. He's a champion & we love him.

Email 9. Mar, 2015

Lacey Brunnen

Hi Mia!

Koda has been settling in so well to his new home! He's such a well behaved boy and loves all kinds of company. He's so loving and gentle and every person that walks past has to stop for a cuddle; but it's just a trap because they all end up falling in love
with him!

Email 18. Feb, 2015

Felicia Hansen

Hi Mia,

Odin is the second pup that we have gotten through you. Angus (18 months), our choc boy, is a beautiful (calm, kind, patient, loving) cuddly boy, who loves running, bike riding, and playing. When his older brother passed away last year, and we looked at finding
Angus a friend, there was only one choice. We knew that any pup that came from you would be a wonderful and loving as Angus. Odin, our choc merle, slid as seamlessly into the family as Angus did. Odin has so many of the characteristics that make Angus such
a terrific dog, but is so definitely his own pup. Thank you.

(A quick note if you are reading this and thinking about puppies from Mia) Mia was so wonderfully helpful and would send as frequent photos of Odin as he grew. Mia obviously loves these puppies as they as so calm and LOVE being cuddled and handled, even by
very small children. We had to transport both dogs to Darwin, via air, and Mia was extremely helpful at organising this. Both boys traveled here with no dramas, and were both calm and happy to meet us. Angus often get compliments (Odin is far too young to
leave our yard yet) not only on his looks but also how calm and obedient he is. We would absolutely recommend Mia and her puppies.

Pictured: Angus (18 mo) and Odin minutes after they met for the first time.

Email 4. Jul, 2014

Deb Gee

Hi Mia. Maggie has grown up to be a beautiful girl. She loves bush walks, swimming and being a clown. She is so friendly and always attracts a crowd wherever we go.

Email 19. May, 2014

Astrid Richardson

Hi Mia,

Ruby, of your last year's litter from Shiraz and Charlie is now 10 months old, and we simply adore her. She was the star of puppy school and is now moving quickly through the grades at obedience school already, she is so smart! She loves people and is mad for
the tennis ball and for swimming, although she may have picked up those two obsessions from our 15 year old Border Collie who is equally obsessed! The two get along well, as you said they would of course, and I just want to thank you for little Ruby, she is
adorable and despite her teenage ways sometimes, we are absolutely in love with her. Thank you.

Astrid & Dean

Email 11. Mar, 2014


Mia, thank you SO much for our lovely boy, Dexter! He has brought so much love and light into our family after a very sad 12 months! You were right, he was JUST what we needed!! <3 xxx

Email 5. Mar, 2014


I have been looking at your photo albums. You have produced some of the most amazing looking border collies that I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful. I am almost ready to get another bc puppy and have put you at the top of my list!

Email 14. Feb, 2014

Chris Avramidis and family

Hi Mia,

We are all so happy to have our precious β€˜Lia’ settling in with us in Adelaide, S.A. She has turned out to be a little sassy girl with bubbly and playful personality and been getting so much attention wherever we go (whoever sees her manages
to fall in love). She loves car rides and playing chasey in the backyard. We love seeing her grow each day and show us how smart she is! She and our 11 year old Border Collie Tasha, have started to get along well, with Tasha always looking out for Lia – we
hope they continue to form a sisterly bond. Thank you again for our beautiful Lia – she has brought our family so much happiness!

Chris, Nota, Daniel and Sarah x

Email 14. Dec, 2013

Nando Sanchez

Hi Mia, It has been almost 7 months since Stradic our merle BC become part of our family, he LOVE's Stella our red BC and she love's him bakc they are best mates. Stradic is growing so much and starting to get long hair (love it) he still have one eye
with blue spots and the other one half blue half brown :)
We are very happy of having him with us and love him some times too much, almost everyday sleep in bed with us and he loves to either spoon with us or be my pillow :). Thank you again for such a
wonderful life friend.
Oohhh he is a spring love's jumping, is on his blood, must be his background, can't wait to start him on agility, so far is dong great in abidience.

For everyone else if you looking for a puppy with great background life
and awesome temperament don't thing again miasborders is the way to go.

Email 21. Nov, 2013

Bill and Leonie Caton

Hi Mia, Banjo has settled in really well. He has been a really good boy from the first night we got him home. I thought we would have some trouble for a couple of nights, but no, he is just amazing. He can sit, lie down, he is learning to play soccer,
roll over and even do somersaults. Whenever we take him out everyone comments on what a gorgeous looking dog he is and can't get over the colour of his eyes. THANK YOU MIA for our boy. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND HE BRINGS SUCH JOY TO BILL AND MYSELF

Email 11. Oct, 2013

Amy, Kieran and Bailey

Our sweet little girl Bailey has been with us for a month now and we are just over the moon with her. She is always getting cuddles and compliments from everybody she meets! Her personality has blossomed into a sweet yet spicey girl with attitude! At 11
weeks she can sit, stay, lay down, roll over, shake, high five, and put em up! To say she is a smart little thing is an understatement! Mia was a gem to deal with and sent us photos as she grew! We are more than happy! Thank you for the newest member of our
family! :)

Email 17. Sep, 2013

Wendy Campbell

Hi Mia, we are just amazed with our new beautiful girl Reese! She is just everything you said she would be. The boys are over the moon and want to take her for show and tell this week! She is so placid compared to other pups I've seen. Extremely beautiful
girl and thanks for organising her to come down and sending the kids pics every week of her growing much appreciated! She will be a great help on the farm too!

Thanks heaps,

Wendy, Adam, Brody and Chayse xo